my weekend story | jan 30-31

happy tuesday! as you may have read on facebook, i am a contributor for the new Our Weekend Stories photography collaborative, alongside six other incredibly talented photographers. we're only three weeks in, and i am already feeling so inspired by the images they've all been posting. each week, we all post five photos documenting the ordinary, yet beautiful moments of the weekends that seem to pass by way too fast.

this past weekend, in a quest to take five good pictures for this project, i took about 100 (naturally). how is it possible that everything jack does is the absolute cutest thing ever?! #mommygoggles

landan was at his mom's this weekend, so saturday, i got jack up, fed and dressed and then loaded him up and headed to bridge street with the hubs to get some much needed shopping done for an upcoming trip.

jack is ready to get into trouble from the moment he wakes up!

before we began shopping, we had to grab a bite to eat. we finally were able to quickly get a table at another broken egg (the wait is always so long), and enjoyed a nice brunch with friends.

thank goodness it was a nice day, because we definitely needed to walk off all that food after eating way too much!

after we shopped til we dropped, we headed down to barnes & noble to read a couple books...

before we headed home, we took jack to toys r us for the first time to play :)

we picked up a pizza from venice pizza (yum!) and called it a day.

sunday morning, jack and i spent a few minutes enjoying the wonderful weather playing in the backyard...getting our fingers dirty (and eating mulch).

my great uncle passed away last week, so i left the boys at home and spent most of the day in florence at the funeral home. he lived a long, full life but it definitely made me reflect on how quickly it can be taken away and to be grateful for every moment with the people you love.

even after we went back inside, jack was dying to go back out...

so, i tried to distract him with a cardboard box fort and toys.

...but just like the weekends, that didn't last very long! :) to see the rest of our weekend stories, follow this link to view week three! thanks for stopping by!

cheerios! | jack loves to eat.

one of the big concern with preemies is eating. it's common for preemies to develop aversions to foods and textures and while it took jack a while to finally want to eat real food, i'm happy to announce he LOVES to eat real food! i haven't found anything really that he won't eat. fruits, veggies, lots and lots of carbs, chicken - he likes it all! mealtime has quickly become one of my favorite times. he is so happy in his high chair!