my family

saturday mornings.

saturday mornings are my favorite. not only because i don't have to wake up to an alarm and head out but because my saturday mornings are spent with jack! we are the early risers on the weekends while the big boys sleep in. jack is happiest in the mornings and lovesss sitting in his highchair while i make breakfast. these quiet moments when it's just us are ones i cherish most. <3

these doggies are going to be so happy when jack figures out how to feed them....the time is coming very soon. jack LOVES to interact with emma and elsie.

the past year with jack has flown, but he gets more fun as he gets older...and things get easier, too. we recently were given the go ahead to stop formula and switch to whole milk. hooray!

Is it Saturday yet?

cheerios! | jack loves to eat.

one of the big concern with preemies is eating. it's common for preemies to develop aversions to foods and textures and while it took jack a while to finally want to eat real food, i'm happy to announce he LOVES to eat real food! i haven't found anything really that he won't eat. fruits, veggies, lots and lots of carbs, chicken - he likes it all! mealtime has quickly become one of my favorite times. he is so happy in his high chair!