Adventures in Film!

Hello, world's worst blogger here! :)

I'd been thinking about playing with film for a long time, for several reasons. One, I work a lot. Out of town a lot. When I'm home, I'm occupied by a curious toddler. I don't have hours to sit around and cull through all the digitals I took and edit them like I used to. The idea of thoughtfully taking only 36 frames, sending them off to be developed and receiving scans and being DONE sounds very freeing! Plus, I love the nostalgic look of film & often try to emulate that when editing my digitals anyway. 

So, one impulsive afternoon when I had some extra money burning a hole in my pocket, I picked up a Canon EOS 3 on eBay from some nice man in Japan. I ordered a couple boxes of film and then when it was all delivered, it sat around for a while. In May, I finally loaded a roll of Portra 160 and starting shooting through it around the house.

I finished the roll in May while we were in Eufaula for Memorial Day visiting Grandma Jean. 

I was really happy with my first roll! I actually didn't mean to order Portra 160 but I'm so glad I did! 

I also ordered Portra 400 and when we went to the beach in July, I brought a roll of it along with another roll of 160. To be honest, I wasn't as thrilled with my results with the 400 but I have another roll in my camera now and maybe I'll like them more. This film stock is known for being more "light and airy" but it was a little too much so for my taste. It also could be something I did.... who knows. But here are a few from that roll!

I also shot a roll of P160 while at the beach and i am in LOVE with what this stock can do in full sun. The way it retains the details in all the bright highlights, while still exposing my subjects nicely is incredible! I never could get nicely exposed skin without blowing out detail in the bright sky on digital like these! 

This series of photos of Brad & Jack playing in the hotel room were my favorite! I just love hotel room light and moments like this on film! 

I'm really excited that my first few rolls turned out so well and look forward to shooting more on film. In addition to the EOS3, I also have a manual Canon AE-1 and I just bought a film point and shoot camera today to keep in my purse. Can't wait to play with those! 

All of these photos were scanned and developed by The Find Lab