10 on 10 | June 2016

How are we almost halfway through June?! It's time for another 10 on 10 post. After you leave here, be sure to head over to Amanda Voelker's post here. Her work is absolutely stunning! 

I thought May was going to be a slow month but, boy, was I wrong. Between end-of-school year festivities, work and general life craziness, free moments were few and far between. Landan wrapped up 8th grade, his final year of middle school (excuse me while I cry my eyes out). Somehow, he managed to stay on A/B honor roll all year while staying busy with symphonic & pep band and other activities. I'm so proud and excited to see what his high school career will bring. 

May was also a big month developmentally for Jack. He started clapping, blowing kisses and waving bye-bye on command. He started walking while holding onto something/someone and is babbling more and more. Hard to believe in a couple months I'll be planning his second birthday!

It's been consistently in the 90s here for a few weeks and we've seen little rain. It definitely feels like summer! A friend gave us an above-ground pool and it's finally warm enough to get in and swim. It has really been awesome to have right in the back yard, even if we do look a little redneck ;) The past few years, we purchased a summer membership to a community pool and while it was nice before baby, it was difficult getting to and from last summer because of all the stuff you have to load up to survive a day at the pool with an infant/toddler! It's nice to be able to walk out your back door with nothing but sunscreen in hand and go right back inside when you're ready for a break. And it's extra nice to sneak outside for an hour or two to float and soak up some sun when Jack is napping. ;)

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we headed south to Eufaula, where Brad's Grandma Jean and Aunt Reatha live. There's something so relaxing about visiting there - it could have something to do with Grandma Jean's homecooked food and Aunt Reatha's serene backyard!

I also shot my first roll of film while we were down there. I need to send it off to get developed...if any of it turns out, I'll share in a separate post. Don't forget to head over to Amanda's blog next!