10 on 10 | May 2016

I'm so honored to have been asked to participate in a monthly blog circle with 10 other photographers from across the country. Each month, we'll be posting "10 on 10" -- ten images on the tenth of the month. I hope you'll take the time to circle through and check out their gorgeous work. After you read my post, head over to the incredible Sara Garcia's post here to see her beautiful work! Sara is from Denver and I love how she captures genuine connections & emotions in stunning light. While you're there, check out her 100 Days of Summer project....ok, are you ready for sunshine and warm weather yet or what!? I know I am...

These photos were all taken on a rainy day the last weekend of April (in my true procrastinator style, I crammed) on a day home with my boys. Jack is 19 months old now (15 months adjusted for his prematurity) and his curiosity has peaked. I love watching him crawl (at lightning speeds!) all over the house discovering everything and anything. He is doing so well, "beyond our wildest dreams", as my mom always says. He has come so far since his NICU days.

Landan is wrapping up his last month of middle school and looking forward to summer. In true teenage fashion, most of his time is spent on Snapchat and Instagram, yet I am not allowed to post any photos of him (don't tell him I snuck one in this post). The past two years have been a whirlwind and somehow before our eyes, our little boy grew into a young man. One that makes us so proud at that.

Onto the photos....


Sara's up next!