Me and my son, Jack. 2014

Me and my son, Jack. 2014

Hi, I'm Mary and it’s my mission to illuminate the beauty of an ordinary life.

There is no greater miracle than a new life. I’ve experienced infertility. I’ve birthed a stillborn son. I spent one hundred and eleven days sitting in the neonatal intensive care unit by the incubator that housed my son, Jack, for the first four months of his life. I’m sharing this with you not for pity, but because my experience taught me gratitude and it drives everything I do. I know how precious and fleeting these moments are.

Since my son Jack's extremely premature birth nearly four years ago, I've been passionate about picking up my camera to find and photograph the beauty in each day - even the terrible, sad and incredibly boring ones. Through the photos I've taken, I've not only frozen moments in time to last forever for myself, my family and my clients, but I've formed a deeper appreciation for the ordinary moments of everyday life and the people and places in it. 

This is my story. I’d love to tell yours. I would be honored for you to invite me into your home to photograph your baby’s first year.

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