Documenting Motherhood | Nicole & Makenzie

It's been so exciting reading all the submissions for the Documenting Motherhood Project! Thank you all so much for sharing a little bit about what being a mom means to you. The first mother I am featuring is Nicole, along with her precious daughter, Makenzie. Like my Jack, Makenzie was born too soon and spent a long time in the NICU. She overcame so much during her first few months of life - she is truly a little miracle! I was honored to spend some time with these two this weekend.

"My daughter is a miracle. She was born 12 weeks early, weighing 1 lb 13 oz. She survived 3 major operations within her first 4 months of life. She is my reason for living. I love being her mommy & would love to show so many the miracle that calls me mommy."
"I said so many times 'I will NEVER be like my mother' when I was growing up. I parent EXACTLY like her! Also, there is no explanation of how much you can love someone, until you become a mother."
What is the best thing about being a mother?: "When Makenzie lays her head on my shoulder, pats my arms & says 'Wuv (love) you Momma.' It can make any bad day a good one."

Thanks for sharing, Nicole!

<3 - Mary